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Fleet Block Heater Controller


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About Our Proven Green Technology

Intelligent Engine Block Heater Controller

Attention! Transportation companies

We are the only block heater controls on the market with capabilities to control your whole trucking fleet with one panel. Get 80% or more energy savings.  

Why mess with individual cord devices when you can use a intelligent panel on the whole fleet? Our panel is so intelligent it can decide when to run your block heaters without worry, therefore reducing operating costs.

BrightSync controller is eligible for rebates from your power company.  Most power company rebates cover the cost of the panel. 

BrightSync is manufactured in the USA.

The engine block heater controller comes with a standard 1 year warranty, but we do offer an extended warranty. Block heater controls

Unprecedented Savings - Check it out for yourself!

Our block heater controller averages a savings of $345* per vehicle  annually, now times that by the number of vehicles in your fleet...the savings are staggering! 

With the patent pending algorithm we have managed to get as much as 90% reduction in electrical usage.  

No matter what type of fleet, BrightSync can be configured to meet your needs to maximize savings.  Time, temperature and zones or a combination of all three to give flexibility to our customers.   

A fleet of 32 trucks/buses can save as much $10,191 in one winter season with a < 1 year payback...this type of return on investment makes BrightSync the most cost effective block heater controller choice.

Reducing operating costs in today's market can make the difference your fleet business needs to remain competitive.

We have proven savings results, give BrightSync a shot...You won't be disappointed.

*  cost for power, location and configuration, etc.

School Testimonial for Block Heater Controller

Performance Testimonial

We have done our homework at BrightSync...we have worked with block heater manufactures, schools and other fleet owners just like you to develop a high quality and reliable block heater controller. 

Our customers can testify to our impeccable service and our commitment to delivering only the BEST.

-Cir-cut Manager was rebranded as BrightSync in 2016


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